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This is a simple explanation to customers how DIM(Oversize Fee) works.

Enter your Shipment Info.

Actual Weight (lbs)*

Enter your Dimension in Inch.

Length*   Width*   Height*
Your Dimensional Weight: =
  • Above rate is estimate until shipment is confirm in warehouse as well as confirming scope of service.
  • Hong Kong rate is for Pick up Service at Hong Kong office. For Door Delivery, please contact office.
  • Rate Subject to change without notice.

What is DIM weight and why?

Dimensional weight (DIM Weight) reflects package density, which is the amount of space a package occupies comparing to its actual weight. This is a practice by all Airlines and our formula follows IATA Standard. Do not mark up like other companies do. Whatever airlines charges on standard, that’s our customer’ standard of DIM formula.

All packages are subject to Dimensional weight.

To calculate the "DIM weight"

1.) using inches as unit of measurement. 
2.) Length x Width x Height
3.) Divide the total by 166.
4.) the number is the DIM weight.
5.) Compare it with the actual weight of shipment.

If the Actual weight is bigger, there is no DIM oversize fee.
If the DIM weight is higher, there is a oversize fee.  The fee is $1.50 per overweight lbs.
To get more information on the calculation.  please use following factor:

(DIM weight - Actual weight) x $1.50=Oversize fee amount.